AVT Reliability’s Machine Sentryhas enhanced its Cloud-based situation monitoring providing with the launch of Machine Sentry2.5.
The latest developments improve Android applications of the system and include integration with Bluetooth low energy (LE) sensors from any producer, help for model new, advanced oil quality and vibration sensors and a simplified measurement import application programme interface (API).
In addition to employing MSF-1, a Machine Sentry sensor, companies utilizing the Android application can now add any brand of sensor to the system, by merely copying the sensor definition to the Android device’s internal storage and opening it. Once loaded, the new sensor will be able to collect measurements in the identical means as MSF-1.
Machine Sentry 2.5 additionally permits enhanced oil high quality and vibration monitoring capability with the addition of two new appropriate sensors. เกจวัดแรงดันน้ำไทวัสดุ , connected via the Tandelta OQD Express display, means the oil situation could be monitored in situ without having to extract a sample and send it to the lab. Wear or contamination is measured in actual time to an accuracy of 0.001%.